The real capacity of your machine park

Adjusting the amount of machines to match real demand

Monitoring usage of a press brake

FitMech online service has been used to analyze the usage of press brakes to identify their real usage patterns and identify possible improvements. Our sensors have been installed on six machines, configured to monitor machines: their work cycles, idle times, and the data collection phase started.

After three months of monitoring, the data was ready for analysis. Production managers along with the factory owner reviewed the data and noticed that the production plan can be realigned and easily done using only 5 machines. After further confirmations, the factory owner decided to sell one of the machines and use the cash to invest in another part of the company.

FitMech is being used to continuously monitor the real capacity of the machine parks. Our clients are able to optimize the configuration of their production processess, reduce the oversized infrastructure and regain previously lost production capacity.

Quick deployment

There is no need to wait for lengthy deployment projects. The data is there and the only challenge left are the decisions on how to fix automatically detected problems.

Data driven decisions

FitMech is allowing decision makers make decisions based on real and precise data. We give production managers more time and access to data they need to improve production's efficiency.

Flexible time scope

Production process optimization happens both on micro and macro scale. With FitMech you get subsecond data precision, that is displayed on a timeline per shift, day, week, and month.

Calculate ROI of your machines

FitMech provides production managers with an ability to record and analyze the history of usage patterns of the machines in the factory.

Actions taken after such an inspection of continuous and detailed data, results in a significant (approximately 5% to 25%) increase in efficiency of the machine park.

Continuous usage of FitMech allows factory owners, production directors, and managers to improve their production lines in iterations, in batches selecting parts of infrastructure, or all at once. FitMech adapts to you.