Machine performance
under control

Industry 4.0 platform for automatic acquisition, analysis and visualization of production data

How it works?

Some of our happy customers:

FitMech can be deployed on any machine to measure:

  • Machine performance, Workload
  • Work cycles completed, Lenght of each work cycle
  • Downtimes and their reasons, Machine status

display it on TV and facilitate communication with operators!

FitMech: a toolkit for consultants

Artur Kolibski, CEO of Entra Group sp. z o.o.
Artur Kolibski, CEO of Entra Group sp. z o.o.

"Entra Group specializes in comprehensive optimization of production companies. When carrying out efficiency audits for our clients, we use the FitMech platform to automate the data acquisition on the work times of machines, their production cycles and downtime."

Monitor the actual use of production machines

Rapid deployment
Non-invasive sensors
Know "Where"

Stops monitoring
and identification
Know "Why"

Automatic reports
available online
Know "What"

Production capacity
from real data
Know "When"

How it works?