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FitMech: a toolkit for consultants

"Entra Group specializes in comprehensive optimization of production companies. When carrying out efficiency audits for our clients, we use the FitMech platform to automate the data acquisition on the work times of machines, their production cycles and downtime."

Artur Kolibski, CEO of Entra Group sp. z o.o.

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Any machine can generate data

FitMech provides analytical data on the operation of any machine, using non-invasive sensors that measure the movement and vibrations generated during their operation.

Automatically, in a private cloud and without the burden of maintaining additional infrastructure!

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Downtime under control

FitMech automatically detects the current status of the machine, and when it stops working, it identifies downtime, measures its duration and allows the operator to indicate the cause of its occurrence.

The FitMech service facilitates the quantitative and qualitative analysis of downtimes by providing reliable summaries and detailed reports on their occurrences on all monitored machines.

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Remote deployment and self-installation

FitMech automatically monitors the operation of machines thanks to vibration sensors. These sensors do not interfere with machine controllers, so they can be installed independently, even by a person with little technical knowledge.

The FitMech service is delivered in the "software as a service" model and utilizes a private cloud - apart from power supply and WiFi access, it does not require any additional infrastructure to run.

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Optimization of production cycle times

    The FitMech system collects data automatically and online: cycle by cycle, shift after shift, day by day - eliminating the need to keep paper documentation and drastically reducing the time of access to information.

    FitMech allows you to make decisions based on real, objective data, instead of relying on declarative reports and, often, biased opinions.

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Optimal use of resources that are used up regularly

The FitMech sensor, detecting higher than nominal vibrations, indicates the degradation of the resource and signals the upcoming need for its maintenance or replacement.

You can schedule machine maintenance to avoid premature expenses and excessive scraps due to malfunction.

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No more machine overloading

The FitMech service allows to measure production processes and provides analytical data about them in an automated manner.

Real-time statistics are available live and for each shift over the last 12 months.

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Remote data access

FitMech provides access to managerial production data thanks to vibration sensors sticked to machines - vibrations generated during machine operation are identified, interpreted and visualized online.

All of that live, in real time, with access via WWW and mobile applications - automatically, in a private cloud and without additional IT infrastructure!

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