FitMech deployment:
its that easy!

You don't have to use the "big bang" method!

If you want, you can implement FitMech in stages, adapting the next elements of our solution.
And if you need more - you can switch to a development license.

FitMech deployment stages and licensing

Sensors installation

Typical implementation time: 1 week

What you must do?

After signing the contract, we will set up a private computing cluster for you and send you the sensors. We will also help you remotely with the sensors installation (not requiring technical knowledge):

All you need to do is to attach the sensor to a machines element whose movement or vibration is related to the operation of the machine (e.g. press piston, motor chassis, knife actuator, feeder arm). Then, connect the sensor to electricity and Wi-Fi and configure it in the on-line panel. That's it...

What you receive?

Private Computing Cluster

Thanks to the cluster, you have access to live production data, in real time, via the web and mobile applications without additional IT infrastructure on your end.

Non-invasive vibration sensors

They measure the movement and vibrations generated during the operation of machines, and send the data to the cluster. There, they are interpreted and visualized online.

Machine status identification

Thanks to FitMech, you know whether your machines are working or idling. You also know how much time they idled or worked on individual shifts.

Measuring work cycles

FitMech sensors (installed in the right place) calculate how many production cycles were performed by individual machines, and how long each of the cycles lasted.

Downtime control

With FitMech, you can effortlessly detect downtimes of your machines. The system provides statistics and visualizations on when and for how long each machine was idling.

Always up-to-date reports

FitMech gives access to over a dozen reports covering all the data processed with the system. All of them exportable to the most popular formats.

Operator's Panel

Usually installed in the first month of implementation

What you must do?

As soon as you install the sensors on machines and configure them, you can equip the workstations with an interactive Operator Panel.

All you need to do is to install the FitMech Smart Factory application on your Android tablet and switch it to the operator mode.

What you receive?

Downtime flagging

When the system detects a downtime, the machine operator can assign the appropriate cause to it with just few clicks, and add an optional comment (also by voice).

Performance indicators

The system automatically calculates the availability and performance of the machine, as well as the OEE index of the production. These data are displayed live in the Operator's Panel.

Communication with the hall

Thanks to the Operator Panel, you can display the production plan directly at the workplace - you save time on printing and distributing paper documentation.

Data security

Access to management and analytical data processed by the system is not possible from the Operator Panel. Also, the data presented is limited to current shift (with few exceptions).

FitMech Smart Factory App

Usually installed in the first week of implementation

What you must do?

As soon as we set up the cluster for you, you can start using our mobile application for Android devices.

Install the application and log in using your FitMech account to enjoy mobile access to your data.

What you receive?

Basic machine metrics

Thanks to Smart Factory app, you can check the current state of your machines at any time, wherever you are. All you need is a phone with Internet access...

Access to dashboards

With Smart Factory app, you can check workload, efficiency, availability and downtime statistics for all the machines that have FitMech sensors installed.

Dark Mode

If you prefer dark-themed interfaces, or you are concerned that the display wears out prematurely by displaying static content for a long time...

FitMech solutions management

With Smart Factory app, you can change any Android TV device into an Andon scoreboard, and a tablet into an communication-improving interactive Operator Panel.

FitMech Display App

Usually installed in the first month of implementation

What you must do?

On an Android TV device, install and run the FitMech Display application. Then, pair the device with your compute cluster using the FitMech Smart Factory app.

What you receive?

Andon for little money

FitMech Display is probably the cheapest and the easiest-to-implement dashboard available on the market. Moreover, it does not require specialized equipment to work.

Process visualization

With FitMech Display you will automate the concept of "Visual Management" with little effort: let everyone see the current state of production processes. No more guessing!

Configurable indicators

You decide which indicators, and of which machines, will be displayed on individual dashboards - configure the appearance of each of them in the on-line panel, hands down.

Motivator for operators

When operators see the scoreboard, they know what the production goals are and whether they are being met. They can react in advance to threats in the execution of the plan.

Development license: System integrations and development

When you need more than just 'out of the box' functionalities...

What you must do?

Become our client and buy a development license.

FitMech: Development License

What you receive?

Data integration

You can integrate FitMech with external data sources (machine controllers or other sensors, e.g. pressure, temperature) using Bosch Rexroth IoT Gateway.

Influx Platform

You can conduct advanced analyses, data visualizations and create interactive dashboards on your own. Also, you get access to 200+ integration protocols.

API access

All data processed by FitMech are available through the API, so you can integrate it with the software that is already in use in your factory (e.g. ERP or MES).

Special tasks

Do you develop or integrate software in your factory? Our programmers will advise you on integration with the platform and show you methods of fetching data from machines.

Do you have questions or concerns?

We will tell you, in detail, what the implementation of our platform looks like!

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