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We develop a tool for manufacturing optimization and control.

We work with companies that improve the functioning of factories.

Cooperation models

Consulting companies

After establishing cooperation, we will set up a private cluster for you and ship the agreed number of sensors to you. You will be able to run your own optimization projects and provide services to your clients based on data from FitMech.

What you get:
Automatic data collection tool
Extensive analytics of production events
Platform that can be deployed in one day

Resellers and integrators

You can implement FitMech for your clients and provide them with your own services built on top of our platform. You can also integrate FitMech with external software via open API. Meanwhile, we maintain the platform and develop new functionalities.

What you get:
Industry 4.0 platform that is ready to deploy
Possibility of integration with external software
Continuous increase in the value of the service provided

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FitMech: a toolkit for consultants

Artur Kolibski, CEO of Entra Group sp. z o.o.
Artur Kolibski, CEO of Entra Group sp. z o.o.

"Entra Group specializes in comprehensive optimization of production companies. When carrying out efficiency audits for our clients, we use the FitMech platform to automate the data acquisition on the work times of machines, their production cycles and downtime."

Key benefits

  • You can build and develop a portfolio of your own services on top of FitMech, and provide them to your clients

  • FitMech is being constantly developed and new functionalities introduced, thus increasing the value of the services you provide to your customers

  • You will get access to technical support for integrations with the FitMech system and its API

  • You will get early access to features and have impact on their development, allowing you to maximize the value for your clients

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